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again, just like they did against georgia. they had the ball inside the five at the end of the half, they were going it get the ball to start the third quarter and they didn't get a touchdown. then the bad kick. >> verne: yes. that one through the end zone. will come out to the 25. >> verne: notre dame has a chance to go 4-0 tonight. florida state has the same chance. here are the results. which seem most likely to finish? a lot of you like florida state. >> gary: and florida. >> verne: yeah, yeah. 34%. yes. florida had the huge win to open the year at a&m. >> gary: that really changed things for florida and allowed jeff driskel to emerge. they're going to get better also, and muschamp has sold to his team as we've seen, we're going to see corbin berkstresser right now. >> verne: berkstresser played the entire game last week in the win over arizona state university. that pass complete to marcus lucas. >> gary: he never asserted himself, whether it's play calling -- it could be coach telling him who to thro to but that position needs to assert itself more in this offense, the offense
. >>> georgia tech playing host to virginia. the yellow jackets creating quite a buzz early on. pun intended. textbook play from scrimmage. the first one, ken washington has plenty of time to pass. finds zac lassski all alone and goes 70 yards for the touchdown. that is the beginning of a very long day for virginia head coach mike london. third quarter we go, georgia tech leading 35-7. this time, washington runs the option, and this is the touchdown. washington runs for three scores. throws for another. and virginia dominated by georgia tech, 56-20. it is the most points virginia has ever given up against georgia tech. >>> frank beamer, 13th ranked virginia tech facing the winless panthers. this punt here at their own six. and breaks it up the sideline. and two defenders converge. look at the block by ronnie van dyke. he wipes them both out. jarrett on his way to a 94-yard return. so that would cut a deficit to 21-10. later in the third quarter, pitt facing a third and five. tino throws it up the right side. 18 yards for the score. and the pitt panthers who will join the acc next year, make
was published this year by the university of georgia press. it is available at the back of the auditorium this afternoon. it is called blood ties and brown liquor. and he is also been the finalist for the 2006 poetry prize. please, join me in welcoming mr. sean hill. [applause]. >> i want to read from blood and brown liquor today. this book is about my home town in georgia. it's also where [inaudible] is from. and i started researching the history of [inaudible] and sort of fell into the history of black people there because it was not taught in school. so -- in order to write about the history i had to invent a character to explore this history. the character's name is si loss wright. >> first poem i will read is titled silos write at age 71914. it's about silos follows a fishing riggel in the shallows. he describes the line in his tablet as much pride in that line as a man and his son. he giggles and goes on. the next letters come easy. with this he will have more than a mark to bind. rambling across the page again and again in messy rows along it flows until he goes off the page's ed
tour. you can go to our website to see the journey. one year ago today, the state of georgia executed troy anthony davis for a crime many believe he did not commit. he was put to death despite major doubts about evidence used to link him to the killing a police officer mark macphail, including the recantation of seven of the nine non-police witnesses at his trial. as the world watched to see whether davis's final appeal for a stay of execution would be granted by the u.s. supreme court, "democracy now!" was the only news outlet to continuously broadcast live from the prison grounds in jackson, georgia. during our six-hour special report, we spoke with davis's supporters and family members who held an all-day vigil, then heard from those who witnessed his death by lethal injection at 11:08 eastern time. soon we will be joined by some of the people who were with us that night as we look back on the legacy of this case, and what it means for the death penalty in this country. even as texas executed robert wayne harris last night, its 8th prisoner of the year, californians are set to vote
others. the death toll is expected to rise. >>> and people in the former soviet republic of georgia are outraged over graphic videos reportedly showing prison guards abusing and raping inmates. thousands of protesters took to the streets after tv stations aired the shocking images. the president says what happened at the prison is a "horrific afront to human rights and dignity." the country's corrections minister has resigned over that video. >>> more protests is and violence today in pakistan. as many as 1,500 people marched outside the diplomatic enclave in islamabad that houses the u.s. embassy and several other foreign embassies. some protesters carried sticks, threw rocks, and set fire to barricades as they marched. police fired warning shots to disburse the crowd, but several police officers and protesters were injured. joining me now reza sayah. has it quieted at all? >> reporter: it has. the capital has quieted down, but the aept western protest did flare up several hours ark but i think it's so critical to point out that this was a relatively small protest. maximum 1500 peo
, drive down the road, the back roads of georgia and how scary that was, but you write in the first chapter through this incident in july 2010, that there are more -- there's more than one way to terrorize somebody based on what happens. talk a bit about that. >> well, that's back in the years when it really was scary,i before we liberated, let's say, baker county, but to have this happen, to have a blogger -- i mean, you're only trying to do the best that you can for everyone, and to have someone take your words, to use the equipment that they have today to cut and splice to make your message appear to be the exact opposite of what it was and what it is is just an unbelievable situation, and it is a way to terrorize someone because you don't know that you'll ever really be able to get the truth out, but i was determined even if i had to tell one person at a time, you know so it makes me think there's this whole media keep of energy around this book, but the last time there was this media energy was then, july 2010 when it went down. >> yes. >> you were going back to the places who
of a democratic and prosperous republic of georgia and the establishment of a peaceful and just resolution to the conflict with georgia's internationally recognized borders. the speaker pro tempore: pursuant to the rule, the gentlelady from florida, ms. ros-lehtinen, and the gentleman from new york, mr. engel, each will control 0 minutes. -- 20 minutes. the chair recognizes the gentlelady from florida. ms. ros-lehtinen: thank you, mr. speaker. i ask unanimous consent that all members may have five legislativdays to revise and extend their remarks and to insert extraneous material into the record on this measure. the speaker pro tempore: without objection. ms. ros-lehtinen: i thank the speaker. i yield myself such time as i may consume. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlelady is recognized. ms. ros-lehtinen: thank you, sir. in the last decade, the republic of georgia has worked hard to implement a series of political, economic and social reform aimed at establishing a democratic and prosperous society. these changes have often been difficult and even controversial, but the georgian governme
back. >> georgia goes to the polls on monday following the civic revelations of systematic torture and rape of prisoners in the country's jails. video footage that surfaced last week led to massive demonstrations and the resignation of two top ministers there. >> the scandal has seriously damage to the position of the ruling party as it faces a challenge from an opposition coalition led by a billionaire tycoon. for years, president saakashvili enjoy the support of western leaders and was seen as a democratic supporter, but for the first time, it appears there is a chance the opposition could unseat him from power. the torture scandal has thousands calling for his resignation. >> this photograph shows a prisoner in jail in the capital, tbilisi. he has repeatedly told his wife that he has been beaten by prison guards. since the video was released, the whole country has been talking about abuse in prisons. this woman has never been interested in politics, but she came out to protest along with thousands of other people in georgia. they say president saakashvili should step down. >> i
last year in georgia shortly after graduating from law school. this weekend the laurel community is coming together to remember giddings, and raise money for a cause that she cared about. news 4 spoke with giddings mother, and darcy spencer is in the newsroom with what they had to say. >> reporter: her mom made it clear it's the support of the community that helps them get through the very dark moments. today that community got together to do something gettings loved to do. that's to play softball. at a field in laurel, members of the community are playing in a softball tournament in memory of 27-year-old lauren giddings, a laurel native and law school graduate found brutally murdered near her apartment in june of last year. her mom says the community helped the family deal with this tragedy. >> just overwhelmed. i am truly overwhelmed by this beautiful day and the outpour of support from this community. >> reporter: karen giddings said lauren loved softball and this tournament made possible by donations and volunteers was the ideal way to honor her. >> she loved people coming to
hospital last summer. >>> the georgia woman who survived a rare flesh-eating disease is thanking her hometown for their support during her recovery. camey copeland cut her -- amy copeland cut her leg in a zip line accident and to save her life, her right leg and right foot and her hand had to be amputated to keep the disease from spreading. chris shaw was at the event and shows us how the inspirational journey is helping people in the community. as she sat onhe stage built for this event in her honor -- >> you're an amazing person. your whole family is. >> reporter: as she wrapped her arms around total strangers, who felt like they had been on the life and death journey with ler, it is hard to tell if the beauty means more to amy copeland, and the community. or does she mean more to the community? >> does she inspire you? >> very much. i learned ho to you stay positive -- i learned how to stay positive through -- i thought i had problems but now i've seen her and i know i can stay positive through everything. >> from 13-year-old megan hinsly. >> thank you, sweetheart. >> karen belten
? >> it worked in hong kong and singapore. the big example we use is sandy springs in fulton county, georgia that is notorously privatized. they have suffered 36 million a year . it may not always work. >> i love how the britain knows more about georgia than i do. wayne, what do you say? >> this expresses two sides of it. the larger the city more difficult it is to manage and operate it. we have had four cities in the state of california that went broke in the last couple of years of the city. they spent 80 percent of the budget. and you can't continue that and city gave the city manager an 800,000 year contract and then retire them. you can't continue it. john is right. if you contract out it will bring down the costs. >> interesting point here. a lot of the things we see in cities in the country would never fly in major corp rages. they are private prices. >> government is force . so physical force is what we need government for. and so the courts and military and that can be privatize. and that is the role of government. the problem is now we need to privatize city services and not city g
of the beltway right here before georgia avenue. i'm stepping out to show what you it looks like from our sky 9. you see the equipment on the scene. crews there tell us there are at least two cars involved in the accident. you're squeezing by to the right to get by. this is again a live look from our sky 9. looks like it may be moving o. some good news here. you're watching it live. looks like some of the activity is still sitting right there on the right shoulder. beltway outer loop just reopened within the last few seconds. let's take a look at the beltway outer loop. this is what it looks like at route 29. that's going to be one long slow lineup. now over to virginia on the northbound side of 95. this is incident free close into springfield. delays forming leaving route 644. i'll be back with more traffic at 6:12. >>> at the top of the hour, we're following breaking news out of the middle east. protests at a third u.s. embassy this morning. >> people in the capital of yemen stormed the american embassy there this morning. this follows protests yesterday in libya and in egypt. kristin fisher
. >> reporter: brett mcevoy raises cows and chickens in georgia but it's the drought in the midwest that has him worried. >> i've already experienced a loss because of it. >> reporter: relentless heat and drought scorched much of the nation's corn crop. production has plummeted and the price of feeding these chickens has spiked 60%. >> i've invested more than 1.5 million dollars in these houses and the farm is the collateral. so if something were to happen to the chicken industry around here t happens to me too. >> reporter: georgia is the nation's biggest poultry producer serving up 9.2 million eggs in 26 million pounds of chicken per day. microwelch, c.e.o. of the harrison poultry says skyrocketing corn prices are costing his company an additional $2 million per month. >> we're not getting $2 million a month additional selling price. and so somebody has got t to finance the difference. >> that difference might mean raising fewer birds. donnie will burn director of live production. >> it will mean fewer people in the process and facility it will mean fewer growers that are needed in the family
through georgia and virginia. we're going to do it again today and we'll also include areas in the mid-atlantic. a little front trying to stall itself out here. some showers right around kansas city and also thunderstorms this morning going through southern portions of alabama. looks like it should miss areas around louisiana and mississippi. if you're heading out to baltimore to redding to philadelphia, especially here in central new jersey, some really heavy downpours and those are trying to drift up here toward long island. so areas around new york city k during your morning come mute, you may deal with some heavy downpour. then we're dealing with leslie. it is still a tropical storm but it has strengthened a little bit. looks like possibly a category 2 hurricane by saturday. if it does we'll have pretty good upcoming waves and the rip current will be very high along the eastern seaboard. surfers are going to love it but it will be a little dangerous for anyone going to the beaches. showers along the areas. look how hot it is still in texas. we'd like to get rid of those 100s. that'
and alabama and georgia and florida and all the moisture moving up the east coast. that's why we see a good chance for rain tomorrow and wednesday. here's the remnants of isaac with shower activity ahead of it. on tuesday still seeing shower activity and rain. isaac is making its way out and a cold front is continuing the moisture surge up from the south. so once again any of the showers will produce heavy rain of 1 to 2 inches per hour. if you get the rain you are going to see it. if you are not count yourself lucky. not everybody's going to be seeing it. areas of rain tomorrow some heavy with fog possible. tomorrow afternoon more clouds with areas of rain, some of it will be heavy. and there will be flooding possible. temperatures 80 to 85 degrees. as we move through the next couple days another good chance for the rain on wednesday with heavy downpours. thursday starting to dry out a little bit but a 30% chance of showers and thunderstorms. high of 91, 88 on friday. a warm and humid atmosphere through the end of the week. and this weekend could be a chance for more heavy rain this weeken
stations, services suspended between georgia mount vernon square along the yellow-green lines. >> crews are pumping several inches of water off the tracks at the now closed shaw-howard university metro station in northwest washington after a flooding at ed he green and t yellow lines. got real dark all s like it and it' went from drizzling to pouring down. brown's friend now has to find another way home. > she's got to be somewhere by 11:00. an make it nk she c now. the e stations along yellow-green lines have been pacted by the storm, shaw-howard, u street and columbia heights are closed and will be until the morning and you can ride into the stations stations, elow the georgia avenue and mount vernon square but you cannot, of course, travel between georgia avenue and mount vernon square. >> all three shuttle bus service being established between those stations. also encouraging customers to use the red line that parallels the green line alternate and is a good avoid the situation entirely or bus service which parallels the green line on eorgia avenue. >> metro officials told me
from georgia. >> something dipped in their sweet tea they brought up from georgia, don't you think? i don't know. at least they're having fun. >> i love people from georgia. >> i'm lynn berry, and this is "early today," just your first stop of the day, today on your nbc station. >> you're watching wbal-tv 11. live, local, late-breaking. this is 11 news today at 5:00 a.m. >> good morning. we have some sprinkle activity in some neighborhoods to starts the day. you can see a little bit on hd doppler. heavier around cambridge. around baltimore, sprinkles. a mixture of sun and clouds. 30 chance for a light shower with highs in the upper 80's. when we come back, we'll check the forecast through the weekend. >> 74 degrees on tv hill. >> state officials are taking action to protect residents from the west nile virus. >> charismatic clinton. the message from the former president is driving the day. >> we have an accident in darlington that happened earlier low detergent gasoline. the car on the right was filled up with bp gasoline with invigorate. which helps clean and protect its engine so it
's game between south carolina and these georgia bulldogs, georgia beat tennessee, 100 yards rushing. that is gurley. georgia right now on espn alabama looking to be in control against ole miss lsu stepping out of the s.e.c. a game in which they trailed in baton rouge. right now on espn2, oregon is leading washington state. this game being played in seattle. wanted to pass instead can't find your receiver he'll take it. and go into the end zone. 13-yard score, right now it is 23-22. second quarter on espn two. the ducks on top. earlier here on abc, ohio state quarterback braxton miller overcame a knee injury to have 315 total yards, this touchdown pass to smith and ohio state wins over michigan state 17-16. they get nebraska next week. we'll see you next weekend. # "and then, there's both." "erika tsubaki is a big fan of both." "that's what she and her team had in mind when they designed the all new ford escape." "with more cargo space than before, wrapped in a brand new body." "the tech-savvy, ready-for-adventure, all new twenty thirteen ford escape." "it's what h
to admit, i would be going for this. >> verne: did try the fake punt against georgia but the score was so much closer, not a 25-point deficit in the final minute of the third quarter. >> gary: i would just keep my offense on there and go for it. >> verne: trey barrow, number 97 with the punt. sanders will let it bounce and it will come out to the 20 yard line. >> gary: these games are long, who knows, maybe they can climb back into it another way. got a couple of plays that i thought told the story of this football game in the first half. remember coming out from their own -- third and about eight yards, t.j. moe in the slot, went the easy throw to the outside. ended up punting and it cost them the field position. here it is, the big play on the goal line. moe matched up. got a one-on-one throw against a back-up corner. looks the other way. i think in that situation, you've got to go to your money guy. >> verne: marcus lattimore and connor shaw still on the field. shaw with a brilliant day so far and lattimore has been very effective as well. this time, he runs into will ebner. number 32.
americans to vote: 13-term democratic congressmember john lewis of georgia. he was a leader of the civil rights movement who marched side by side with dr. martin luther king. he served as chair of the student nonviolent coordinating committee, helped organize the freedom rides and spoke at the 1963 march on washington. he has been arrested more than 40 times and has just written a new book called across that vision for change. he visited us in our studio, and i asked congressmember lewis about the voter purge in florida, where the justice department had sued to block republican governor rick scott's controversial effort to remove thousands of registered voters from the rolls, using an outdated drivers' license database to ostensibly identify non-citizens registered to vote. rep. john lewis: it is unreal, it is unbelievable, that at this time in our history, 47 years after the voting rights act was passed and signed into law, that we're trying to go backward. i think there is a systematic, deliberate attempt on the part of so many of these states-not just florida, but it's all across the
to come here, a couple in georgia says that they were attacked in a very public place where they believe they were targeted and why this isn't the first time there's been some kind of trouble. plus you work hard for your money. so let amp help you spend it wisely. his reviews are just ahead. >> steve in the weather center. we had severe thunderstorm warnings earlier this evening. all of those have canceled out. what can we expect for the rest of the holiday weekend? all the details to plan ahead coming up. >> a couple in savannah, georgia, say they were attacked in one of the busiest squares in town. they say it was because they are a mixed race couple. >> the pictures are hard to look at. 23-year-old andrew quade's eye is swollen shut and he's got gashes all over his face. >> he was basically left for dead. i don't want to go into all thegoery details but they could have stopped and they kept going. >> this general area. >> his girlfriend says the couple was walking through the square just before midnight friday when they say they
touchdown. but they were too much to handle. then to mike shanahan. pittsburgh wins 25-17. georgia tech, first play from scrimmage, kevin washington throws to a wide-open jack glass-steagall has all the time in the world. -- jack laskey who has all the time in the world. then racing up the sideline. georgia tech never looked back. penn state hosting navy. a wide open alan robinson who cuts up field. 14-0 penn state. then a fumble picked up by mike holmes and he is off to the races. penn state' wins 34-7. and the clock has struck midnight for the nhl. the players and owners have failed to come to an agreement and they are in a locked up for when you first got internet at home you probably had one thing online. but today, everything's online. in a few years, the number of devices in your home will double and what we are doing online takes internet speed, not every network can handle it, verizon fios is 100% fiber optic soit's faster and can handle it. and now there's revolutionary fios quantum speed, more than twice as fast as anythining this country has ever seen. to get yo
remember being just off the floor in julian bond was leading the georgia delegation and i had known him in atlanta and they were trying to nominate him as vice president and he was not yet old enough to be qualified for the office. and we exchanged a few words and he was going onto the floor to challenge the establishment about the georgia delegation. who would be seated. i remember the mayor of chicago, the elder flanked by two sons and because of the chaos and the derision that was visited upon the daley family in those days and what was going on in the streets, i looked at those two sons and i thought, bill daley and rich daley and i thought, we would never hear from that again. i've told them both the stories. one became the long-time mayor of the city of chicago. bill daley became a big political force. so everything sort of rises and falls. and it was that convention, actually that forced the reforms for 1972, that opened up the party in a different way. same year, in 1968 i was in miami for the nomination of richard nixon and the california delegation, we flew out with them. the
a difference. >> jeff: a failing school district in macon, georgia, where half of the students failed to graduate has taken drastic steps to turn the system around. and as mark strassmann reports tonight it includes an unusual mandate. >> reporter: at sunny carter elementary school these third graders are learning the most widely spoken language on earth. mandarin chinese. >> and this is-- wx learning mandarin now mandatory in macon, georgia, public schools. >> what is the word for hello. >> niho. >> mark has mandarin class three days a week taught by one of 25 chinese teachers sent there from china. their salaries partially subsidized bit chinese government. >> i just like learning new things. i like learning the words. it's just awesome. >> reporter: within three years all 25,000 kids in bibb county schools k through 12 will be making mandarin. this is a school system that is one of georgia's low east chiefing, where half the kids drop out. >> this is about opening their world. >> romaine dalemand the new superintendent wants big changes for this troubled system. >> this is about pr
. >> thank you. >>> the aclu has filed a lawsuit against the state of georgia and the group they're representing may surprise you. music: "make someone happy" music: "make someone happy" ♪it's so important to make meone happy.♪.♪it's so e ♪make just one heart to heart you - you sing to♪ ♪one smile that cheers you ♪one face that lights when it nears you.♪ ♪and you will be happy too. ♪ [ male announcer ] every car we build must make adrenaline pump and pulses quicken. ♪ to help you not just to stay alive... but feel alive. the new c class is no exception. it's a mercedes-benz through and through. see your authorized mercedes-benz dealer for exceptional offers through mercedes-benz financial services. i'm an expert on softball. and tea parties. i'll have more awkward conversations than i'm equipped for because i'm raising two girls on my own. i'll worry about the economy more than a few times before they're grown. but it's for them, so i've found a way. who matters most to you says the most about you. massmutual is owned by our policyholders so they matter most
at noon. we will be in athens, georgia and saturday night. we turn now to our first segment it with less than two months to go before the november 6 election, we begin today's show with a look at a new voter id law in the battleground state of pennsylvania. studies have shown as many as 750,000 eligible voters in the state do not have an acceptable id under the new law which requires all voters to show a state driver's license, government employee id, or non driver id card issued by the state. in philadelphia, it has been estimated that 18% of voters lack the proper id. at least one republican politician has already boosted the new voter id law will help mitt romney win the state. >> voter id, which will allow governor romney to win the state of pennsylvania -- done. >> that was pennsylvania house majority leader mike turzai, a republican. on thursday, the pennsylvania supreme court heard arguments on whether to allow the controversial law to go into effect, or to approve a preliminary injunction. one planted in the case is longtime voter will lilly, was born in rural georgia before movi
but before georgia avenue. although cleared to the shoulder, it was out there long enough to stack up traffic early this morning as you travel westbound 495 out of college park headed around towards georgia avenue. southbound 95, anticipate a slow exit to merge on to the outer loop of the beltway. taking it back inside, we'll update the ride here in virginia. 66 eastbound, no problems reported coming in from nutley treat to the beltway. light traffic volume right now. traffic now slowing again as you approach 28 in centerville. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. -timetraffic. >>> breaking news in yemen where protesters stormed the u.s. embassy in the capital this morning. reuters reports hundreds of protesters were able to burst through the main gate of the compound where they pulled down the american flag and burned it. so far, the december astronautors have not gotten into the office complex at the embassy. -- the demonstrators have not gotten into the office complex at the embassy. >>> there are all protests in the capitals of tunisia, sudan and mauritania. >> the tax over in lib
to the outer loop, you're also going to hit those brakes 95 toward georgia avenue. on the southbound side of i-270 which is slow and heavy, look at this. from route 109 it will be continuous to 121 before the pace improves. we're still good at montrose road to the split. back over to our maps this time heading into virginia on the northbound side of i-95. it's going to be slow now in quantico off and on through woodbridge and through springfield. a live look there on the northbound side of i-95. at least the lanes are open. no accidents to report up to the 14th vote bridge. i'll be back -- 14th street bridge. i'm be back with more. >>> summer is over for students across northern virginia it is back to school. >> it is indeed. that means traffic is going to abmajor issue for every-- to be a major issue for everyone in the region. kristin fisher is live to talk more about that. good morning, kristin. >> reporter: good morning. before students here at south county middle school get to enjoy their brand new building, a beautiful school by the way, before they can enjoy that first they have to get
between georgia and connecticut turns out to be relatively minor. two vehicles have moved on to the left shoulder. here at university boulevard the pace is not too bad on the outer boulevard. -- outer loop. there is a crash reported on the eastbound lanes of route 50 near route 197 in bowie and one on southbound 301 coming south of central avenue near trade zone avenue. police were responding for that accident. the wet pavement slows everybody down this morning. keep that in mind. we have signal lights on flash downto 16th at harvard street and a crash reported on wisconsin avenue at western avenue. that initially reports that a cyclist has been struck. 270 south, just volume delays and stretches south in urbana and high hyattstown past 109 and the scales. an accident noh of triangle moved on to the left shoulder for early delays coming out of quantico to stafford to ma it into prince william county. andrea and mike, back to you. >> thank you, beverly. >>> the ravens may have gotten a win last week thanks to a questionable call by the replacement refs but the refs are gone now. >> baltim
as a child drive down the back road georgia and how scary that was. but you write in the book, you say that through this incident in july 2010, that there were more than one way to terrorize somebody based on what happened. can you talk a bit about that? >> well, in those years, it was really scary before we liberated, let's say baker county. [laughter] but to have this happen, to have a blogger, i mean, you're only trying to do the best that you can for everyone, and to have someone take your word to use the equipment that they have today to cut and splice to make your message appear to be the exact opposite of what it was and what it is is just an unbelievable situation. and it is a way to terrorize someone. you don't know that you'll ever really be able to get the truth out. but that was a determined even if i had to tell one person at the time, it makes me think, you know, there's a whole media kind of energy around this book. the last time there was kind of media energy it was july 2010, when with went down. yes. >> people go back to the places making the accusations calling you a
baltimore to the beltway. let's take a live look outside and show what you it looks like here near georgia avenue. you know the normal, heavy morning traffic pattern begins early and it doesn't improve until you hit georgia avenue on the outer loop. keep that in mind as well heading westbound on the beltway this morning. let's go back over to our maps and this time inside the beltway. still running well on 66 inside the beltway, 395 at 62 miles an hour here at duke street and another live look outside. here's what it looks like at edsall road. no problems up to the 14th street bridge. i'll be back with more at 5:23. >> thank you, monika. >>> 5:14. i saw on the bar down at the bottom muggy. that's how it feels outside, muggy. >> i should put a few exclamation points behind that. it's humid, even an understatement in many areas. had some showers and storms overnight that added to the mugginess if you will. today will be another day where we have showers to isolated with a better chance to see a few this afternoon. the eastern shore and delaware got hammered. we didn't see too much during the
from georgia tech. pick it up in the final minute. jackets down four. tevin washington finds stephen hill. georgia tech takes the lead with 44 seconds left. that is enough time for the hokeys to get it to field goal range. cody journell from 41 yards out. he'd champ one from 38, but he doesn't miss this one. ties the game as time expires and forces overtime. after a v.a. tech interception, it's journell again. this time a chip for the win. no doubt about it, number 16 virginia tech gets a scare but pulls out the win, 20-17 in o.t. >>> tennis, american marty fish pulled out of the u.s. open because of health concerns. on the women's side, second ranked agnieszka radwanska was upset by roberta vinci. serena williams won in straight sets. >>> golf, final round of the deutsche bank championship. tiger woods was in the hunt until the end. his chip on 15 limps out. he finished in third place and with it becomes the first golfer to surpass the $100 million mark in career earnings. >>> the day belonged to rory mcilroy. a long birdie attempt on 18, and rory stalls it at the cup. he would tap
for this in the late conservative blogger andrew's release of eclectic and that she delivered to the georgia naacp. the clip made it appear that ms. sherrod was guilty of racial prejudice and on july 19th of 2010, she was asked to resign her position. it leader became apparent at the video and would it selectively excerpted pieces from the speech and her critics and the obama administration of will just for their rush to judgment. shirley sherrod was offered another position with of the department which she declined. this is about an hour. [applause] >> we all need a minute, right? [laughter] >> [inaudible] >> this is a really special moment for all of us in this room. only in new york for one night here with us and i should let you know right away that if you would like to ask questions at the end you need to write them down on the car in to the carter and we will take the questions from the audience at the very end. i want to start with -- we had a beautiful conversation on the phone. in a chapter 1 as a child you would drive down the road of georgia and house garrey that was the would terror by
on the georgia road the claps of wheels at the gaps of the joints of the rails the beat of the hammer on iron andan vil at the smithing. shaping shoes for mules and horses and the red metal and water is the train's wiftel. the last word returns like watermelons here with summer heat. beat with the hammer. beat when he, a boy, broke to the garden at the county jail at night when the beat men were asleep. there's were the sweetest. the dull that you had before the crack beneath the heart and move on to the next. he moveod to woman and settled on one. and busted her with finality. he measured time raising the sweetest watermelons for a time and time served he returned. a man. and he lay on the tracks of the georgia road cradled by the rails. heart stopped. >> all railroad abandoned. between across ties. trees grow. a fairel pig roots below branches. [applause]. >> poem is about a ham. >> uncle john. that was the year grand daddy thomas died. left the family worse than broke. uncle john stole a ham from the meat market. he was 17. lost his taste for it locked up 14 years. ham, cured and earth
, virginia trying to slow down georgia tech. yellowjackets doing what they do best. the triple option. kevin washington, the pitch to swift and he is gone. 77 yards to the house. georgia tech more than 260 yards rushing in the first half alone. uva gets crushed today, 56-20. >>> frank beamer 13th ranked virginia tech visiting pittsburgh. the hokies were having a rough day as well. down 11 in the fourth. cue mike shanahan, the receiver for the panthers, catching the dagger. stomps the hokies 35-17. >>> navy up in state college to take on penn state. both teams looking for their first win. airing it out for alan robinson for the 45-yard score. >>> almost the time to see if robert griffin, iii is the real deal. after pulling off the upset against new orleans, playing in another dome. they've got a chance to go 2-0, but they need to avoid the big win let down. we got a chance to see much more of the skins playbook last weekend. rg3 putting on a performance that earned him multiple player of the week awards but he said that's just the tip of the iceberg. >> every offense involves doing different
sorts of problems. on shepherd st. nw at georgia ave. we see a pepco crew trying to restore power to part of this neighborhood. they have been on the scene four hours trying to get the power back. a tree messed things up in this neighborhood hit by lightning. one of a host of issues throughout the district and northern virginia this evening. tonight, a small fire was still burning hours after the street came crashing down on power lines near georgia avenue in northwest. they own the white car that was damaged, and they were waiting to see if it would start again. >> i do not know. >> earlier in the day, you could see smoke coming out of the car. >> it started turning more and more. >> fortunately, the car wind up working despite the fires but the storms caused a lot of other harder to fix troubles. even with the nats game postponed, traffic on south capitol street was a disaster. >> it was horrible. >> thanks to flooding near malcolm x avenue. d.c. water had to pump the extra water out of there. it also caused a fatal accident in maclean and in arlington -- >> is shaking, and -- >
ahead on the news edge. >> it's official can you see anything in washington. lady georgia's famous dress made of meat has arrived and where it's on display coming up. >>> and someone forgot to double check the list. the hot air plan this festival and still tied to a van used to set it up. for a few seconds, the van was off of the ground and pulled a few feet. no one was hurt and everyone had a good laugh. a good laugh. . >>> there is a new exhibit in d.c. opening to the public tomorrow and that is your one chance to see a bit of music history in person. >> reporter: this city with museums, and you rarely see something like this. >> and officially nicknamed the beef jerky dress here. >> reporter: the dress made of meat that lady georgia wore to the -- lady gaga wore to the mtv awards in 2010. the boots are here, too. for the record, it's argentinean steak. >> it had to be dehydrated and conserved and has been painted a little bit by artists who tried to recreate the original color of the garment. >> reporter: gaga's point, if you don't speak your mind, you will have no more power than a
a lawsuit against the state of georgia, and the group that they are representing may surprise you. >> it's a living university in so many ways. basically we're off the grid. we produce our own food. we make our own. we produce our own energy, electricity and cooking gas. we compost waste and heat water with it. at the same time we produce a luxury environment for people to come and enjoy themselves, and it's all within an environment that we just say wow, i can't believe i'm not doing any damage. i can't believe i'm actually doing as many good. ♪ [ man ] when i'm in my zone... every move i make is a statement... ♪ ...that inspires me to make my mark. ♪ [ male announcer ] the all-new lexus es 350. ♪ the economy needs manufacturing. machines, tools, people making stuff. companies have to invest in making things. infrastructure, construction, production. we need it now more than ever. chevron's putting more than $8 billion dollars back in the u.s. economy this year. in pipes, cement, steel, jobs, energy. we need to get the wheels turning. i'm p. making real things... for real.
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